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What is Socialmob?

- Jimi Hendrix

Inspired by Jimi' words and armed with the knowledge that music is powerful enough to foster connections and carry them forward, Social Mob is one of a kind global community where music is the religion. We aim at building an enlightened global community, full of free-flowing ideas, united by their love for music.

Music Is The Religion




Muses Studio strives to form the most effective global matrix for musicians, record labels and listeners all over the world. Houses a collection of hundreds of tracks by new, independent artistes from around the world, to the ears of music connoisseurs, music aficionados, casual listeners and even capture ears which are in no way exposed to your style and genre.


Muses Studio strives to form the most effective global matrix for musicians.

What is a mob?

Social Mob tries to bring together different users from around the world to form global 'mobs' united by their shared interests and passions. The idea of a border-free space or community that encourages meaningful intellectual discourses and provides enough fodder for the personal enrichment of its users, is the vision that Social Mob is now working towards.

Our mission is to connect people from different walks of life all over the world. As a strong advocate for the freedom of speech, we encourage an enlightening discourse where you can find understanding even in disagreement. Here, you can find a space to share your thoughts and express your views to the global society.

Elite Magazine

The world is getting smaller day by day. Social Mob makes it even smaller, letting you know what happens around the world from science and history to fashion and automobiles. We cover anything and everything under the sun. It doesn't end with that, you become part of the process by brainstorming about issues and coming up with solutions - creating a sustainable society together.

With contributions from writers across the world, the magazine covers both sides of the spectrum giving you an unparalleled set of views on various topics. Our aim is to not only showcase fact-based perspectives but also to influence the users to express their view points.


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